Coaches & Consultants

We Practice What We Preach


Our Coaches & Consultants

  • Have considerable experience working as leaders in corporate settings and professional services firms Possess an advanced degree in a behavioral/clinical/organizational discipline program
  • Are committed to their own growth and participate in ongoing education/coaching/therapy for themselves along with other process that encourage well-being and self-actualization
  • Have 10 or more years of coaching experience specializing in working with senior leaders, high potentials, and teams in addition to also possessing organizational and cultural consulting expertise
  • Learn by receiving feedback from their clients
  • Are values-driven and give back to their communities

We Are

  • Business-savvy (we understand what it is like to be on the front lines of an organization driving change, strategy, and profit) People-focused (we have advanced degrees in behavior, psychology, business, coaching)
  • Committed to practices that enhance our own performance, growth, and emotional/ relational well-being
  • Experts at blending the science and art of professional and personal development
  • Seasoned professionals who are trusted with highly confidential information and who can communicate across cultures and within all kinds of companies
  • Catalysts of change and growth dedicated to learning and teaching Trusted partners who create a safe container for our clients while also putting the responsibility of growth on them

Our Coaching Engagements

  • Are founded on trust, empathy, responsiveness, data, and truth-telling
  • Create a relationship between the coach and client that is powerful, and goal-oriented (omit:2) while enhancing self-awareness, success, development, and well-being
  • Work in synergy with the organization’s needs, culture, norms, competencies, and values
  • Reflect the power of connection by role-modeling and teaching the skills of our Connected Leader™ model
  • Leverage world-class practices and incorporate the latest behavioral and leadership research
  • Lift up the power of mindfulness as a transformative way to positively impact productivity, engagement, connection, and profitability