Karen's Manifesto

of Connection
  • I LIVE from a place of joy and gratitude: chasing slow, digging deep, and rising up.
  • I BELIEVE leadership is a sacred calling and happens in all parts of life.
  • I SHARE my story and journey, in all of its wonder and mess, to help others do the same in way that transforms them.
  • I WALK a spiritual path, move my feet forward, and anchor myself in a loving God who rides shotgun with me.
  • I HAVE more questions than answers.
  • I BELIEVE in the power of “we”; there is healing balm in saying and hearing, “me, too.”
  • I FEEL God’s presence everywhere, and it fuels my life’s work to help others experience the same.
  • I ADMIT acceptance is a superpower; it awakens us, sets us free, and allows others to walk their own path.
  • I AM a recovering “higher power” who surrenders the belief that I can fix and rescue others.
  • I BELIEVE in the power of the table to create liturgy, communion, and redemption: sharing food & telling stories is soul-nourishing.
  • I KNOW life is messy; life and people are living contradictions, myself included.
  • I GIVE myself to the life-long process of self-discovery, which enhances emotional and spiritual wholeness – restoring us to sanity.