New Leader Assimilation

Enhancing success for executives in new roles.

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Most organizations spend myriad resources on the interviewing, hiring, and logistical on-boarding of newly hired or promoted executives. While important, these processes are not enough to help leaders thrive in a new role and organization. A specifically designed coaching process that allows these newly hired/promoted rock stars to truly be successful is absolutely crucial.

We provide a process that helps leaders in new roles build support, maximize the power or relationships, understand the culture and politics, enhance the return on the organization’s investment, and drive successful outcomes while sidestepping the common pitfalls that can be demoralizing and costly.

Our Process

Our 6 step process is designed to include the newly positioned leader, his/her team, and key stakeholders to positive impact and success is experienced as quickly as possible. We bring everyone into the process to help the newly positioned leader be successful as quickly and with as much impact as possible. We coach, assess, facilitate, and create clear and practical action steps:

1) Discovery & Assessment

Speak with key stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of current situation and expectations.

2) Analysis

Review findings from discovery to create a clear action plan for stakeholders.

3) Transparency

Facilitate team session designed to enhance trust, collaboration, and understanding.

4) Bridge Building

Share learning with stakeholders to create a circle of support, collaboration, and trust.

5) Momentum

Create and implement strategies to sustain momentum and create ongoing influence.

6) Moving Forward

Implement a check-in process with stakeholders and teams to gauge performance and needs.