Team Coaching & Off-Sites

Catalyzing team well-being, engagement, and world-class success.

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By helping teams understand their strengths and how dysfunctional behaviors are getting in the way of higher performance, we guide them to enhance trust, communication, innovation, and a healthy respect for the different styles of its members.

We are catalysts for team well-being, engagement, and world-class success.

Team Coaching Programs

Our team coaching programs are designed to leverage individual self-awareness with a deeper understanding of how the team performs and interacts. While each team has its own unique culture, there are typical issues that can trip up any team and derail its potential. We have a process that allows us to pinpoint what is getting in the way of a higher level of success so when we work with a team we know how to help them connect more to drive an enriched performance. Our process entails:



Before we advise organizations on how best we will work with a team, individually and collectively, we first seek to understand the current state: strengths, challenges, and opportunities. During this process we meet with the individuals and garner the input of key stakeholders deeper in the organization to understand how the executive team is viewed. Discovery ensures the organization will experience the biggest return on the investment instead of using a process that is plug-and-play or off-the-shelf.

This diagnostic defines the “cure”. Buildings are not erected without surveys/assessments/plans; neither are leaders and teams strengthened without the necessary due diligence.

Analysis & Communication

We analyze all objective and subjective data, identifying trends, themes, and overall findings. We let the findings speak for themselves: the next steps become clear relative to what the team and its members need to achieve their goals, leverage their strengths, and address any challenges. We then meet with the sponsoring executive to share our findings, discuss our suggested next steps, and begin to work with the team in the most effective, actionable way possible.



We make a difference. A big difference. We move high performance teams to the category of exceptional. It means we understand where teams are and what is necessary to take them to the next level. We create a map forward focused on the various attributes we know teams need: trust, ability to resolve conflicts, speed and agility, collective intelligence, accountability, and a results-orientation. It means serving a higher purpose and rallying together. It means having the courage to name and address the sabotaging dynamics while Inviting individual members to be their very best selves, as leaders and colleagues. We help teams do all of this and more while being their truth-teller and their biggest champion.