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KAREN IS AN EXPERT at blending the science and art of professional and personal development. She takes our superstar execs to new levels of competence and performance. They trust her implicitly so they can be honest with her and that’s the first step in growth. It’s like she holds up a mirror that allows them to see themselves at different angles. Karen helps them discover what motivates them and identify their core leadership trait so they can excel at it. She’s a remarkable coach.”
Coleman Breland
President of Content Experiences, TCM and Filmstruck, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
KAREN IS MY CANARY IN THE MINE SHAFT. When she detects something is off with my team, she recommends adjustments that make it right. She is so tapped into what we’re doing and how that impacts the other IHG groups she counsels. As my coach, Karen helps me prioritize and focus on what’s important. Since I don’t care for public recognition, she reminds me that my people need it and shows me how to lift them up. Our employee engagement surveys have never been higher.
Bob Chitty
Senior VP of Corporate Finance, Intercontinental Hotel Group
KAREN IS LIKE GOLD. Unlike other executive coaches I’ve known, she relies on her counseling skills and sharp instincts to challenge me to be much more introspective. She asks probing but nonjudgmental questions and pushes me to take risks. Karen helps me to define who I am as a leader and what’s most important so I can model that behavior to my team. I now prioritize my day and set aside more time for my family and, equally important time for myself, such as exercising and reflection. This has had a big impact on my performance at work.
Rich Warren
President, WarnerMedia
WHEN IT COMES TO EXECUTIVE COACHING, you get a premium product and a premium outcome when you work with Karen and her team. She is fully invested in our success. Karen ensures a multiple stakeholder approach, gathering many perspectives to determine if the leader’s development is a matter of skill, will, environment, or organizational culture. This helps pinpoint coaching areas of focus and results in deeper development. I’ve learned so much from Karen personally and professionally.
Michelle Prince
Senior Vice President of Talent Management, Randstad
AS A RESULT OF OUR PARTNERSHIP with Karen we led the company and lived our lives from a finely tuned self-awareness that helped us to leverage our strengths, adapt a growth mindset, and become more innovative and risk-taking while learning how to be more accountable, collaborative and high-performing. The return on our investment literally changed the future of our firm and its success exponentially.
Jay Wolverton
CEO of Wolverton and Associates, Chief Growth Officer of CHA
YOU ARE MORE EFFECTIVE, influential and inspiring when you have the courage to be authentic. I learned there is great strength in vulnerability. Karen helped me discover my truth and led me to a place where I make decisions that are best for the business and align with my values. Her deep, thoughtful work touches you at the core and will develop you to be the leader and person you were meant to be.
Tonya Cornileus, Ph.D.
Vice President of Development, Inclusion, and Wellness at ESPN
FOR ANYONE WHO ASPIRES to be a purposeful leader, Karen can help you get there. She coached me throughout my early executive tenure at Turner and effectively worked with several divisions and internal clients. Karen set me up for a long and successful run with the company. To round out my skills, she encouraged me to get involved in nonprofits. My work on the board of a local theater allowed me to flex different leadership muscles and was very rewarding. Karen genuinely cares about her clients and is 100 percent trustworthy. She has often been my personal sounding board in between engagements because I value her perspective on leadership and organizational dynamics.
Scott Murphy
Senior Vice President, Strategic Leadership Development for Boys and Girls Clubs of America
AS THE SENIOR VP OF IHG IN LONDON, I was faced with the challenge of joining our U.S.-based and London-based groups. There were culture issues and communication differences that needed to be smoothed out. With Karen’s expert coaching, she transformed them from guarded and defensive to open and receptive. Karen is delightful, empathetic but firm, and very intuitive. One of our key accomplishments was to recast all our strategies of supporting our communities. Through our business reputation and responsibility staff, we brought a deeper, more credible meaning to what IHG stands for. And that increased a sense of pride among our employees and customers.
David Jerome
Vice President, Medical Center for the Americas
WHEN YOUR COACH GUIDES YOU to find your own answers, you’re more primed to take ownership and follow through. That’s what Karen expertly does with me and my colleagues at IHG. Our acquisitions and mergers department is all about numbers and commercial outcomes within short time frames. Karen helps us focus on what matters, even during times of intense business pressure. We trust her with highly confidential information. A seasoned professional who can communicate across cultures, she helps us develop a cohesive leadership and communication style that drives results.
Steve Carroll
VP of Acquisitions and Mergers, Intercontinental Hotel Group
THROUGHOUT MY CAREER, including nearly 20 years at Turner, I have worked with many consultants and coaches. Karen stands out because she meets people where they are, instead of where their title says they should be. Because of her psychology and therapy background, she coaches from a holistic perspective. Karen offers brilliant insights and frank feedback, tactfully and compassionately delivered.
Kelly Appel
Senior VP for Strategic Initiatives, Mercer University