The Connected Leader™

We help leaders to be more connected, more human, and better.

Connected Is Better

Business is challenging. Humans are complex. Career paths take detours. Life is messy. And, being human is hard work.

Being a leader is challenging when the business of people has to be balanced with the business of business. When the overwhelm and stress of business intersects with the challenges of relationships, even the most successful executive can feel stress and uncertainty. The antidote to all of this is connection – and how do leaders create healthy connections to self, others, and a higher purpose in a way that changes the world around them?

We know a way to navigate this, we have a path through. Our work has taught us there are seven attributes that enhance connection. We know what leaders can do to harness the power of connection by weaving these attributes into their daily lives, decisions, and conversations. By doing so, they maximize leadership and change the world.

The Connected Leader™ Approach


Operate From Wholeness

When leaders fire on all cylinders, the organization around them responds in kind with enhanced innovation, trust, empathy, and curiosity. These attributes positively impact engagement, profitability, talent retention, and productivity. A leadership development process that emphasizes self-awareness, includes stakeholders, encourages a growth mindset, teaches mindfulness, and enhances well-being helps leaders to operate from a place of wholeness.

A Shared Root System

We help leaders to be more connected, more human, and better. For inspiration, we turn to the Aspen tree. Aspens tend to grow in groves and benefit from a shared root system; while they are individual trees they are all one. Aspens are incredible because of both their resiliency (the only tree that is resilient to wildfires) and their interconnectedness. Like the Aspen, it is when we find courage to strengthen our roots and connect with others that we are at our best.

The Connected Leader Model

Deeply connected humans create deeply connected leaders. Deeply connected leaders create powerful, sustainable impact in business and in life. We help our clients embed the seven attributes in their own approach and in the DNA of their organization with tremendously positive results that build resilience when times get tough.

Connecting Consciously

Enhanced engagement, performance, and talent retention occurs as a result of a leader’s ability to connect.

Listening Deeply

Mindfulness and being present enhances cognition, productivity, focus, problem-solving and empathy.

Practicing Curiosity

Curiosity allows people to manage complexity, resolve conflicts, deepen connections, and enhance innovation.

Exhibiting Empathy

Businesses whose leaders manifest empathy increase value twice as fast and drive business growth.

Demonstrating Accountability

Creating a culture of accountability fosters ownership, motivation, and the ability to exceed expectations.

Navigating Chaos

During times of stress, leaders who navigate chaos with courage and wisdom keep employees engaged.

Walking With Confidence

True confidence is rooted in courage and creates a culture of optimism, resilience, and growth.