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The Connected Leader

7 Strategies to Empower Your True Self and Inspire Others
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When leaders courageously connect to themselves a whole new world of self-discovery and empowerment emerges. As a result, we can rise up with resilience and empathy, purpose and grace to help others soar.

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Developing Connected Leaders

Did you know that there are seven leadership strategies that lead to a deeper connection with self, a spiritual purpose, and others? I want to help you discover them so you can activate your connection wiring.

This new found connection will not only foster your leadership growth but will set you on a path of self-awareness and spiritual awakening that’s transformative. This is the path of the Connected Leader™: to awaken, heal, and courageously lead.

As a globally recognized leadership consultant, clinically-and-spiritually-trained psychotherapist, and believer in all-things-connection, I’ve witnessed a transformation in the lives and performance of thousands of leaders at companies like ESPN, Turner Broadcasting, UPS, Crawford and Company, KMPG, and Intercontinental Hotels Group.

My work awakens the leader within so that you can become a more fully connected human. This process will not only make you a better leader at work but will also enhance your relationships at home and in the community.

My passion is to see you step away from the fear & disconnection that keeps you grinding and striving your way into leadership. I want you to discover the power of self-discovery, emotional wholeness, spiritual health, and relational wellbeing: the connection creators. These powerful shifts change everything as they elevate, energize, and empower you.

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Discovering The Leader Within

Our team has diligently worked to develop tools for executive and emergent leaders to help everyone develop into connected leaders. Connected Leaders learn to:

  • Connect Consciously
  • Listen Deeply
  • Demonstrate Accountability
  • Exhibit Empathy
  • Navigate Chaos Comfortably
  • Walk with Confidence
  • And Practice Curiosity.

Karen and her team are deeply committed to being a valuable resource and antidote to the connection crisis that plagues today’s world and businesses. With an upcoming book and in-depth courses, podcasts, retreats, and on-site executive coaching, our tools develop a network of strong leaders who know what it means to live and breathe real, authentic, and transformative connection.

Are you ready to join the era of the Connected Leader? Start with our free Connect7 Leader Assessment or discover our other Connected Leader™ tools below. Each resource is designed to help you develop an enduring and radical self-discovery that empowers you and inspires others.

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Resources for Connected Leaders

Resources and opportunities for Connected Leader development
Become A Connected Leader
Awaken, Heal, Courageously Lead
Become A Connected Leader
Awaken, Heal, Courageously Lead
Become A Connected Leader
Awaken, Heal, Courageously Lead