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Karen J. Hardwick, M.Div., MSW

Karen brings decades of expertise to her work as a trusted advisor and leadership consultant to C-level executives, their teams, and organizations.

She is known for sharing her life-stories with clients to role-model the power of transparency, foster connection, and maximize trust. She intuitively “gets” what is at the core of a company and in the hearts of its people. Her unique approach to enhancing leadership blends action with an emotional/spiritual model to help leaders awaken to their true selves with compassion, intuition, and business savvy.  She helps leaders become more connected so they understand the power of digging deep, chasing slow, and rising up to share their wisdom, lead with courage, and connect with empathy.  In this way, they change the world.

Karen lives with her eighteen year old son who is her most powerful teacher and walks a caregiving journey with her husband who has Alzheimer’s. She believes in the joyful, transformative power of the table: gathering, eating, sharing stories. She is the major contributor to her family’s swear jar on stressful days (and even good ones!) despite her daily meditation and prayer practice.