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Innovation Meets Leadership with Natalie Born podcast

Innovation Meets Leadership with Natalie Born

July 10, 2022
On this episode of Innovation Meets Leadership with Natalie Born, Karen reveals to listeners how we can all grow emotionally and spiritually so that we can live our best lives. When we show up more fully human through the power of our stories, we begin to create psychologically safe places at work so that people can feel supported and elevated in their gifts. Karen and Natalie talk about empathy as a superpower, lessons for walking through the tough seasons of life, practical ways we can all be better listeners, and how to hold others’ stories lightly with grace and compassion.
she lives fearless with holly newton podcast

She Lives Fearless with Holly Newton

June 22, 2022
Listen to Karen's guest appearance on She Lives Fearless Podcast, where she tells listeners why she wrote her book, The Connected Leader, and teaches us what it means to live a connected life. She defines what connection is, how we are all wired to connect, and where faith can find a role in leadership, both in corporate settings and at home.
cfn live

CFN Live

June 22, 2022
Karen discusses her book, The Connected Leader, and how the seven pillars she outlines can help us to foster a connection to ourselves first, so that we can then connect with others around us using empathy, honesty, and courage. This is what Karen believes is the true path to finding grace and grit within.
lead culture with jenni catron podcast

Lead Culture with Jenni Catron

June 14, 2022
Listen as Jenni and Karen discuss how we need to do the hard work of understanding how our story and experiences may be affecting our current leadership in unhealthy ways. The more successful we become the easier it becomes to squander rather than steward the giftings given to us and a tremendous amount of damage can be done in our wake because whatever we do not own will only grow stronger.
linch with a leader with mike linch podcast

Linch with a Leader w/Mike Linch

May 30, 2022
Mike sits down with Karen to walk through several strategies designed to help empower your true self and inspire others along the way. Karen Hardwick is a psychotherapist-turned-leadership consultant who claims to have the “best two jobs in the world: being her son, Matthew’s, mother and helping leaders have “eureka” moments that transform them. She considers both jobs more “callings” than work.
elegant warrior podcast with heather hansen

The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

May 27, 2022
We consider how figuring out who we are inside is valuable in making connections, and the need to allow time for self-discovery. Karen shares how her life experiences have shown her the beauty in mindfulness, being present, and slowing down to listen to both herself and to others. Tune in to hear her beautiful explanation of what she calls ‘the sacred awe.’

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