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Peace Out

Yes, goodbyes are hard. The time leading up to them is often even harder as we wrestle with what is working and what is not, and the temptation to get out of dodge as quickly as possible weighs on us.
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Being Radical

Self-care is ultimately about living well which includes not negating responsibilities and being mindful of our impact on others.
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Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Many executives fall into the trap of continuing to do what they have always done. Starting anew means we have the chance to create new neural pathways by thinking, behaving, and speaking differently.
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We Are Only As Sick As Our Secrets

Telling the so-called truth is further exacerbated by the fact that talented, hard-charging, highly valued, ambitious professionals know stuff. And they want to share their experience and hard-won wisdom with others.
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The Power of the Porch

Last month, my team and I gathered together with an executive team whose members came from all parts of the globe for an offsite meeting. As the facilitator, I knew the time together had to be powerful, high-energy, and valuable in order to warrant three days away from the office for this group of hard-working, high-performing leaders.
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Apologizing Well

Apologies are hard. And often times, quite frankly, the ones we get suck. There are blaming apologies. Excuse-laden apologies. Clueless apologies. There are few, all-in, I-get-what-an-ass-I-was apologies.
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The Ultimate Connection

How we look at the cross is how we deal with suffering – ours and that of others. How we sit with our suffering and the suffering of those we love deepens our connection.
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Moving Away From Self-Deception

I’m sharing some lessons learned from the front lines of high school; wisdom that reminds us of the importance of being accountable and stepping away from self-deception that can be so comfortable:
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Wake Up Sleepy Head

As a clinically trained psychotherapist-turned-executive-coach-leadership consultant, I have the best job in the world: helping people to wake up, address their get-in-the-way-stuff, and lead from a place of wholeness.
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