A Holiday Message

On behalf of everyone here at my firm, I want to wish all of those to whom we are connected a wonderful, heartwarming season.

Whether this is a powerfully spiritual time for you (or not), a struggling season for you (or not), a joyful time for you (or not) my hope is that you give yourself the gift of time to exhale and just be:

Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or a blend you celebrate, it is no surprise that these are all found during a winter month: a month during which we trust that miracles do abound, that beautiful things are being seeded, that hibernation nourishes us, that light does spring in the darkness.

I am an Advent-and-Christmas-girl and this I know deep in my cells: when it seems like nothing is happening, everything is being worked out. This is the miracle. And I encourage each of us to look for the miracles. They are there.