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A Holiday Message

Whether this is a powerfully spiritual time for you (or not), a struggling season for you (or not), a joyful time for you (or not) my hope is that you give yourself the gift of time to exhale and just be.
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Connecting to Gratitude

Gratitude is about being present and mindful. It helps us to be intentional about the beauty and the beast found in  life. It encourages us to live in the “and”. To accept that life is good AND hard, magical AND messy.
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Embracing the Winter of Our Lives

This time of year requires a presence amidst the hustle and bustle, pies in the oven, and presents being wrapped. In order for us to lead ourselves, our colleagues, and those we love through winter, there are a few things to keep in mind.
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Belonging & Connection

Self-connection is the balm. It invites us to recover our true, amazing selves and it calls us into relationships that are soul-nourishing.
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Mess and All: Accepting our Belovedness

Whether you are wanting to be more connected to your team at work or tribe at home, I cannot encourage you enough to do your work and find guides who remind you of who you are and how you have lost your way.
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Honesty Heals

I am talking about the kind of honesty that heals and restores. The real tough kind of honesty also known as rigorous self-honesty.
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Speaking Truth to Power

Courage-based confidence comes from an internal belief that we are strong, persevering, and resilient because of the struggles we have experienced, not those we try as heck to avoid.
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Open Up to Your Story

Regardless of education, socioeconomic status, the cost of the shoes we wear or where we vacation (if we vacation) here is a spoiler alert: we all have stuff.
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Why is Knowing Our Own Boundaries Important to Creating Healthy Connections?

One word popping up everywhere is “boundaries”. It sells stuff and so it is used … a lot.
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Connection is My Jam

Every day I chose humility instead because the cost of not doing so was too high. That does not make me a hero. It just makes me willing...
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Before You Can Go Farther, You Must Go Deeper

The solution for wounded and messy lives is not striving for perfection. That’s a fool’s errand. The antidote is...
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The Redemption in Recovery

The recovery journey is much more than letting go of “things;” it is the vision of what can be. It is a journey that embraces rest, redemption, restoration, and renewal.
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