Chaos Is A Gift

Last Updated: April 19, 2020

Together We Survive the Storm

During this time of sanitizing wipes, hands made raw from washing, and lighting many a candle, let’s take a page out of the playbook of a global team our firm has worked with for many a moon. Their success is built on a myriad of strengths which include the ability to navigate chaos with courage and wisdom, using it as a catalyst for transformation.

Here are some of the things they do – not perfectly – but consistently enough when they sail seas that are disruptive:

  • They respond calmly to uncertainty, leaning into the wind.
  • They make tough decisions to protect their most important assets.
  • They move toward terra firma, moment by moment, with perseverance.
  • They lean on each other and work in unison.
  • They serve a higher purpose.
  • They create safe harbors of sanity through communication and collaboration.
  • They trust each other because they behave in trustworthy ways.

Be those people who demonstrate that work is done with grace in the face of chaos.

This team extends a-one-helluva-inspiring invitation to the rest of us: be those people who demonstrate that work is done with grace in the face of chaos. Understand that “the work” includes showing empathy in the midst of delays and cooperation in the swirl of uncertainty.

Connection is what this team and the rest of us can RSVP “yes” to. This is the transformative nature of mind-boggling-messy-chaos: to masterfully strengthen our ties when the waves are rocking our boat.

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