Listening Deeply

Last Updated: December 16, 2018

Leadership & Miracles

Listening Deeply creates miracles. And, first it requires a daily, if not a constant commitment to turn toward ourselves with acceptance and compassion so we can evolve. As we grow, we shed the behavioral and cognitive patterns that keep us stuck, professionally and personally. The more we listen to the wisdom within, the less we are able to hide from the truth of our lives.

Many of my clients – from CEOs to up-and-coming talent, are now practicing a daily discipline of Listening Deeply. These rituals of meditation, prayer, and journaling allow them to chase slow, tune in, and courageously lead.

However, Listening Deeply is not all pink clouds. Leaders who engage in this practice lose their capacity to put up with mediocrity and damaging interpersonal shenanigans. Said another way, Listening Deeply can stir up a boatload of stormy changes that can create something redemptive and more fulfilling.

People can feel hurt when the miracle of change is occurring. They might feel hurt because they receive tough feedback. Take this example: a colleague recently received feedback that her dishonesty and manipulations were harmful to those in her professional and personal life. And yet, a miracle took place when she decided to absorb the feedback, accept the impact of her behaviors, and create actionable ways to create healthier ways of interacting (starting with her tuning in to her fears and feelings without blaming others).

Through Listening Deeply, can bring discomfort and disruption as it reveals wisdom and creates necessary endings, The “aha moment” is in realizing that miracles are worth fighting and waiting for.

Change can also be more subtle. Many of us have experienced the disappointment that sets in when our strategies for success take a turn for the lackluster. The miracle in these scenarios manifests when we find the energy to infuse our work with creativity and new direction, positively impacting those around us.

Through Listening Deeply, can bring discomfort and disruption as it reveals wisdom and creates necessary endings, The “aha moment” is in realizing that miracles are worth fighting and waiting for.

How does listening deeply help us with the work of leadership?

Research on meditation indicates that it enhances connections while enhancing our ability to succeed and lead. Read more about the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Not all people know how to be self-aware. Some don’t even want to change. Here are some tips to deal with those challenges in the workplace.

Identifying the stories we tell ourselves helps us to embrace or resist change. Read more about how to embrace change at work.

On a more personal note

In the tranquil, introversion of December I find myself in a deep state of hibernation and growth. My husband is seriously ill. It is the kind of illness one never imagines when saying the vows “in sickness, and in health” and yet, we go through this united even working together on this newsletter.

There is little separation between my work and my life. Therefore, I find myself teaching my clients what I am learning through this odyssey. I urge captains of industry to have a circle of open-hearted, graciously honest people on their teams who have their best work and life. I extol the importance of having truth-tellers, who cheer you on as you create boundaries. I invite wildly successful business people to protect what is sacred and to guard their hearts, because it is from our hearts that life and purpose flows.

That which we deny cries louder to be heard. That which we excuse deepens our wounds. Forgive the parts of yourself that you have created to survive hurt and trauma. Take space from those who try to break you as they use their tantrums to make you responsible for their behavior.

And then prepare to welcome the miracles, especially the ones found in the midst of winter,


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