Battle Cries For The Season

Last Updated: April 19, 2020

Connect More To Self & Others

We are in a battle, folks. It is time for us to suit up, show up, and be the warriors we are.

Mental health challenges were at an all-time high before this shitstorm and now this necessary distancing can exacerbate loneliness, stress, addictions, anxiety, and depression. The net-net for leaders is this: connect more to self and others. Since we are hard-wired for connection this is not an option but an imperative.

This season will bring out our best and our worst. Yet, let us find meaning in this.

These are the battle cries that keep me connected (and on which I will expound in upcoming communications, one battle cry at a time):

  • Listen deeply
  • Celebrate curiosity
  • Exhibit empathy
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Create courage-based confidence
  • Put the oxygen mask on yourself first
  • Battle-test your tribe
  • Practice gratitude
  • Serve a higher purpose

This season will bring out our best and our worst. We will harvest what we plant now at work and home; let it be a reaping of abundance, wisdom, health, vulnerability-based courage, and service to others. It won’t be easy because we are collectively grieving. Yet, let us find meaning in this.

Let’s redefine leadership by returning to a spiritual, holistic way of leading and living that focuses on a hallowed grounding, a courageous connection, and a daily Sabbath-kind-of-life.

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